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South Florida Approved Hurricane Impact Windows

hurricane impact windows

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When you use Certified Windows & Doors you are using an insured company. Our state certified licensed contractors have over 60 years of combined experience at installing hurricane impact windows in South Florida.

We specialize not only in window installation for new homes, but also in installing replacement windows and doors, impact resistant windows and doors and sliding glass doors.

We pride ourselves in using only quality certified products made by nationally recognized manufacturers.

Unlike many of our competitors, our contractor is on the premises and your south Florida home and remodeling project is permitted by local building officials.

Hurricane impact windows help you to protect your investments within your home.

Hurricane windows provide continuous protection from the debri that is often associated with hurricane winds.

Although there are other alternatives such as plywood and shutters, neither of these alternatives offers the continuous protection that hurricane windows do. The reason is that wind can get behind shutters and plywood and potentially pull them off.

Hurricane windows are part of the structure of the building and can therefore provide continuous protection for you and your family.

When you choose us, you are working with a local south Florida home and remodeling professional who will be sure to get the job done the right way, the first time.

We lead the way in South Florida for installing hurricane impact resistant windows, replacing windows in homes and businesses and providing South Florida with new windows!

We are the authorized distributor for Hi-Rise Coastal large and small missile hurricane impact windows and sliding glass doors.

How Strong Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Impact windows are built to withstand category 5 hurricane wind conditions. That means they can withstand winds up to 156 mph.

But it's important to note that impact windows are NOT impact-proof, meaning they can break after hours of heavy wind or very excessively high winds - it's possible. There is no such thing as "hurricane proof windows".

The idea is to minimize the damage from hurricane winds as much as possible.

WinGuard Windows

We install and replace the complete line of WinGuard Windows for your home or business. Whether it's aluminum or vinyl, we can take care of the project for you.

We also feature the large missile impact swing door and large and small missile sliding glass doors for both high rise and residential installations. Perfect for so many south Florida home and remodeling projects!

Our experience in the specialty of installing hurricane impact windows and replacement windows is unsurpassed and our design knowledge is unlimited.

Remember, our estimates are always FREE!

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If you have any questions about hurricane windows, new windows or replacement windows, contact us at 954-977-7990, or e-mail for more information on our south Florida home and remodeling ideas, projects and of course, FREE estimates!