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What makes us South Florida's window and door company?

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At Certified Windows & Doors, we are state certified licensed contractors since 1978. Unlike many other south Florida Home Improvement Specialists in our profession our contractor is on the premises and always available to oversee the project.

We take great pride in our staff who have a combined 60 years of experience! This great combination of professionalism and experience results in a quality product and process for your window or door projects.

We are fully insured and we pride ourselves in using only certified products made by nationally recognized manufacturers. All our projects will be permitted by local building officials.

We are South Florida's best window and door company!

how to choose the right window and door company

Following are some tips and guidelines when considering hiring a Window and Door Company

  1. Always make sure you receive a copy of the contractor's license and insurance certification.

  2. Check with the local building department and/or the Department of Business and Professional Regulations to insure license is valid and to research any complaints which may have been filed.

  3. Many companies utilize qualifiers, acting as contractors, and are not even located in our area. They may not be familiar with local ordinances or changes in building codes. It is a good policy to meet with the contractor personally to insure your project will be completed in a professional manner in compliance with all applicable regulations.

  4. Never pay the entire bill up front. Most reputable companies require a down payment of about 50% of the total cost, in order to purchase materials, with the remainder due upon completion. Handing over all your money prior to the work being satisfactorily completed, puts you at unnecessary risk.

  5. As South Florida's Window and Door company, we're proud to share our completed projects with you as show in our photo album!